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Amour En Cage collection with 2 products
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Baghera Platinum collection with 5 products
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Baghera White collection with 4 products
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Bon Voyage collection with 2 products
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Chez Honore 1 product 1  
Corail - Or collection with 7 products
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Corail - White collection with 7 products
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Coupe Blanc collection with 3 products
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Envie Blanc collection with 12 products
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Equilibre collection with 6 products
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Escale  Noir collection with 7 products
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Etincelle - Or collection with 3 products
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Etoiles collection with 5 products
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Gala Blanc collection with 3 products
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Ikebana collection with 13 products
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Ikebana Bali collection with 2 products
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Jardin Secret collection with 4 products
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Lolly Pop collection with 2 products
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Ombelles collection with 5 products
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Onde collection with 12 products
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Oxygene - Blanc collection with 16 products
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Sania collection with 9 products
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Sania Mat collection with 8 products
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Shadow Aqua collection with 11 products
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Shopping collection with 2 products
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Spirale 1 product    
Stone - Grey collection with 5 products
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Stone - Ivory collection with 6 products
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Stone - Red collection with 5 products
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Yaka Anis collection with 2 products
Yaka Anis 2 products    
Yaka Argentic collection with 7 products
Yaka Argentic 7 products    
Yaka Black collection with 5 products
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Yaka Paradis collection with 2 products
Yaka Paradis 2 products    
Yaka White collection with 5 products
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Médard de Noblat is situated at Sauviat sur Vige near Limoges and has perpetuated a tradition and an expertise in porcelain since 1836.The history of Médard de Noblat finds it roots under the name Giraud, one of the oldest factories of Limoges in 1836. It later became Médard de Noblat when sold in 1989. By exporting massively to the United States, Japan and Europe, the reputation of Limoges porcelain has grown largely. In the past Médard de Noblat has served a variety of famous personalities, such as the Shah of Iran, Pope John XXIII, General de Gaulle, and the George V hotel in Paris, Nikko, Michel Guerard in Eugénie les bains and Awashima in Japan.