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Jan. 15

Feeling blue with this chilly weather?
Mottahedeh has you covered, Blue Canton and Blue Shou as seen at the Atlanta Gift show.

Tags: dining, entertaining, classic design, Mottahedeh, $MO-S111, $MO-S102, $MO-S101

Jan. 8

What a day for a nice hot beverage...
Espresso, Darjeeling, Cafe Latte, we have the perfect cup and saucer just for you. Shown here is Mottahedeh's Blue Shou pattern in Demitasse cup & saucer, Tea cup & saucer and Breakfast cup & saucer.

Tags: dining, entertaining, classic design, Mottahedeh, $MO-S109, $MO-S104, $MO-S110

Dec. 14, 2017

Good morning! Christmas is just around the corner, so we should start thinking about some nice table settings we'll all enjoy during this event.
Before you check your favorites, did you know that before dinnerware, people used to eat above pieces of bread? Also, there is a big difference between eating and dining. All answers are in our new blogpost below.

Click Here for More Info

Tags: mottahedehchina, christmas, Mottahedeh, $MO-CW1540, $MO-CW1475, $MO-CW1460

Dec. 8, 2017

On the newsstands now... Victoria Magazine's Tea Pleasures features Coconut Scones set beautifully on Mottahedeh's Chelsea Botanical dinner and dessert plates accented on a Plum Lace service plate. It looks so good we got hungry.

Tags: news, dining, entertaining, Mottahedeh, Chelsea Botanical, $MO-Y1789, $MO-Y1783

Dec. 5, 2017

on the news stand now... House Beautiful December/January Issue. Swank it up with Alex Papachristidis. One of our favorite Designers using his extensive collection of Mottahedeh's Blue Canton to entertain his guests. Thank you Alex Papachristidis and House Beautiful.

Tags: news, dining, entertaining, Mottahedeh, Blue Canton, $MO-HC100, $MO-HC103, $MO-HC130

Dec. 3, 2017
Mottahedeh Liked

Feeling blue on this dark damp Sunday? It’s a great day to cozy up on the couch and catch a movie or three. A lazy Sunday brunch, fresh blueberries, blueberry pancakes, blueberry tea all served on Mottahedeh’s Blue Canton.

Tags: Dining, Dinnerware, entertaining, Mottahedeh, $MO-HC136, Blue Canton, $MO-HC138, $MO-HC102

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Nov. 29, 2017

Though the weather outside is frightful, these flowers look so delightful in the Large Fitzhugh Bowl. Warm up your home & get creative with a large Mottahedeh bowl for your kitchen or dining room centerpiece.

Tags: fitzhugh, burntorange, bowl, centerpiece, flowerarrangement, flowers, festive, holiday, holidayseason, mottahedeh, mottahedehchina, finechina, tabletoptuesday, enjoy, enjoylife, $MO-S2507

Nov. 27, 2017
Mottahedeh Liked

Come check out our November blog post to find 6 creative ways you can use your tureens this holiday season. Thanksgiving may be over but the holidays have just begun!

Tags: newblogpost, newpost, blog, Mottahedeh

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Nov. 26, 2017
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Stay in & relax this Sunday afternoon...A little sweet treat, cup of tea & your favorite place to sit is all you need when using our Duke of Gloucester tea set. We want to ensure your afternoon warm-up is juuuust right & festive in every way.

Tags: sunday, sundayafternoons, sundays, tea, teatime, afternoontea, Mottahedeh, $MO-CW1524, $MO-CW1525, $MO-CW1470, Duke Of Gloucester

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