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Feb. 22

ime to lighten the table with these gorgeous Mottahedeh Blue Torquay plates!

Clinging to the coast of Devon in southern England was the elegant resort town of Torquay, renowned for its mild climate and its abundant marine life.The shells and entwined sea grasses inspired the Swansea potters who flourished between 1764 and 1846.This pattern was created circa 1820. Made originally in the traditional English transferware style, Torquay enjoys just as much popularity today.

Tags: classic design, dining, entertaining, Mottahedeh, $MO-MSW5330, $MO-MSW5331, $MO-MSW5333

Feb. 16
Mottahedeh Liked

Today is Chinese New Year and the beginning of Spring Festival! Find out which colors will dominate the Year of the Earth Dog, and what luck it brings.

Tags: chinese new year, dining, entertaining, Mottahedeh, $MO-S1848

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Feb. 10

[NEW FROM BLOG] Why do you value love? Valentine's Day is here to show appreciation for what really holds us together. A small gift is just a gesture that we'd never forget why we fell in love at the first place.
Which ValentinesDay gift idea is your favorite?

Click Here for More Info

Tags: valentine, ideas, help, Mottahedeh

Feb. 6

On the News stands now... Traditional Home March April issue. Look for Mottahedeh's new ad featuring Chelsea Botanical Tea cups and saucers.

Tags: decor, entertaining, drinkware, Mottahedeh

Jan. 16

Spotted in DesignNJ February/March magazine. A charming Montclair vintage revisited kitchen accented with Mottahedeh's Blue Canton.

Tags: dining, entertaining, Mottahedeh, $MO-HC157, $MO-S1622, $MO-HC100

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